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Complex wall system


product type: integrated type

place of origin: China

payment: by T/T

Packing: wooden pallet

lead time: one month

brand: BEST

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Product description

Best super-light-weight cement partition wall is created for modern high-rising buildings and ecological residences. It is light in weight, energy-saving and environment friendly. It can be widely used as interior or exterior partition walls, roofing, floors and shaft walls. It can be applied to factory, workshop, restaurant, office, shopping mall, hotel, entertainment building, integrated hose, makeshift house, indoor decoration and makeshift projects.

Installation steps:

1.At position lines, fix rebars on pillars according to drawing plans.

2.Cut the boards according to requirements. Use putty to shape a concavity on side and top of walls. Use a jimmy to jimmy it at the bottom according to position lines and steel screens. Then fasten the top of boards and tighten the sides. Smooth the putty if it comes out. Use a ruler to make sure the boards are upright and use two sets of wood wedges to fasten the bottom of boards.

3.When jimmying, put wedges at bottom of each board so as to fasten them and use rebar tubes to conjunct walls and pillars. Use small stone bricks to fill the bottom and get rid of the wedges when it solidifies.

4.When connecting concavity sides and convexity sides, use adhesives to fill up the gaps and smooth the surface if there is any adhesive coming out. Other installations are same as previous steps.

5.Two sides of the door should be connected to the board above the door as an entirety. The door jamb should be 100mm. Door frame boards and beam boards should have wooden bricks to fasten them to door hole. Embedded parts of door frame boards can be prefabricated at factory or made at site, but must be used curing period (3 days). The joint points of door hole must be sealed and treated with sound-proof and water-proof measures.

6.Firstly paint a layer of 108-glue on walls, and put fiberglass Self-adhesive mesh tape on joint points. Use cement and 108-glue to smooth the surface of boards

7. After finishing every partition, check and adjust the whole project and make sure the installation is qualified. Finally use putty to fasten the fiberglass Self-adhesive mesh tape 

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