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Floor system


product type: integrated type

place of origin: China

payment: by T/T

Packing: wooden pallet

lead time: one month

brand: BEST

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The BEST floor system consists of BEST boards and steel keels, and it is usually applied to buildings with high stories and those in need of high  space utilization. It has many advantages like light in weight, short in installation period, fashional, clean, individualized, environment friendly, urable and fire-proof.

1.Installation process:

draw lines horizontally on walls and brush the first layer of antirust paint on steel materials-- Make channels on walls and fix channel steels – install I-beam, the main keel.---weld the angle steel assistant beam, and brush the second layer of antirust paint---install BEST board.

2.Installation process:

(1).Draw lines on walls and paint antirust paint.

(2).Make channels on walls and fix channel steels.

A. Make a 2cm deep channel at horizontal line of walls and get rid of the putty until you see the steels in side.

B. After getting rid of the putty, keels can be welded directly to the steels inside walls so as to make the whole floor system stronger.

C. The width of channel should be same as that of channel steels. Sink the channel steels into the channels and fasten them by screws and then weld them together, thus making the whole system integrated with walls and increase safety.

D. It is better to increase the screws which are used to fasten channel steels with wall steels. That can make it safer, but also make the construction harder at the same time.

3. installation of I-beam

Because we use both size 12 I-beam and channel steel, we need to cut some parts at both ends of I-beams so as to fix them into channel steel, and weld them together. Distance between each I-channel is about 60cm.

4. Weld angle steel and sub channel and paint the whole system. Distance between sub channel is 60cm.

5. Installation of Sanle fiber cement board

Welding slag and welding joint must be polished before installation of Sanle boards. Sanle boards should be vertically parallel to main beam. Any edge of boards must not be suspended and distance between boards can be 3-5mm. Joint pints of boards must be on the center of beams.

6. attentions for self-tapping nails

Length of self-tapping nails can be 55-60mm (subject to size of boards and beams). First drill holes and then fix them in. Hole size must be bigger than nail head and nails must not go through the boards. Nailing sequence is from center to sides. Distance between board edges and nails near edges is about 20mm. Distance between nails around board center is about 600mm, and between nails near board edges is about 300mm. Nailing should be done when the general layout is finished.

7. about joints

During installation, operator should leave 3-5mm gap between boards and between boards and walls (less distance for wooden floor). Gaps can be covered by silicone sealant or elastic putty.

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